Due to the weather, Inmate Visitation will be closed today 02/18/2015 at the Detention Center. Inmate Visitation will resume on 02/21/2015 as regularly scheduled. The Massac County Courthouse is also closed for today.
A Burglary was reported to the Sheriff's Office on 02/10/2015. The Burglary occurred during daylight hours in the 6100 block of Orchard Rd. Force was used to gain entry into the residence. Jewelry was reported missing. The jewelry missing is described as vintage jewelry. Some of the jewelry dates back to the 1940's. If you have any information regarding this Burglary, please contact the Massac County Sheriff's Office at (618)524-2912 or through the TIPS line. County residents are asked to be watching for anything suspicious, such as vehicles in an area where they would not normally be. Also, keep an eye on your neighbors house if they are gone.

Sheriff Ted Holder is seeking old photos of the Massac County Sheriff's Office.Michelle Longworth, of the Metropolis Planet, is doing a story about the history of the Sheriff's Office. At present, we have very few photos. We are looking for photos of retired deputies, dispatchers and jailers. As well as photos of the old jail. If you have any photos you would like to submit, you can drop them off to Michelle Longworth at the Metropolis Planet or you can email them to Sheriff Holder or Michelle by clicking the link on their names.

Tax season is here and that means IRS Tax Scams. Law Enforcement is not safe from the scammers either. Sheriff Ted Holder received a phone call from a Washington D.C. phone number from a person who identified himself as Mike Ross. Mr. Ross told Sheriff Holder he was delinquent on his taxes and that if he did not pay him he was going to have the "SHERIFF" come to his residence. Sheriff Holder politely explained to Mr. Ross that he was the Sheriff. The conversation abruptly ended. Actually, as I am writing this post, I am receiving a phone call from a Virginia number. You guessed it, a tax scammer. Remember, the IRS is NOT going to call you. They are going to send you a letter informing you of delinquent taxes. Local Law Enforcement has nothing to do with Federal Income Tax. The IRS recently released a statement saying that because of budget cuts they are understaffed and likely not going to be able to take most calls. Therefore, the IRS is NOT going to call you.

The Massac County Sheriff's Office is investigating a Burglary of a residence that occurred on 12/23/14 near the intersection of Orchard Rd. and Haverkamp Rd. Items taken during the burglary include household appliances, lawn mowers, furniture and a youth model ATV. Evidence at the scene showed that a person or persons used a small tractor pulling a trailer to load the items from the residence. Anyone in the Midway area who has seen anything fitting this description are asked to contact the Massac County Sheriff's Office at (618)524-2912 or through the TIPS line.

On 12/17/14 a Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on 5th St. in Metropolis near Fort Massac. During the traffic stop, the Deputy conducted a search of the vehicle. The search of the vehicle uncovered a small amount of cannabis and a small amount of a substance that tested positive for Methamphetamine. The Deputy also found a bag containing dirty Hypodermic Syringes along with two Hypodermic Syringes that had a liquid substance in them. The liquid substance tested positive for Methamphetamine. Arrested were 45 year old Jacquiline Zickefoose of South Fulton, TN and 52 year old Guana Branam of South Fulton, TN. Zickefoose was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of a Hypodermic Syringe. Branam was charged with Possession of Cannabis.
Jacquiline Zickefoose
Guana Branam

Scam Alert


Two scams have been hitting the area. The first scam involves a person calling the victim claiming to be Sheriff Ted Holder of the Massac County Sheriff's Office. The phone number that appears on the caller ID is the Sheriff's Office number. The person claims to be the Sheriff and notifies the victim that they have an outstanding warrant from Massac County. The person tells the victim that they can take care of the warrant by paying a fee over the phone. The Sheriff's Office will never call someone and allow them to take care of the warrant over the phone.

In the second scam, the victim receives a debt collection bill in the mail. The debt collection company on the logo is Convergent Outsourcing. The bill states that the victim has an outstanding debt with a company, such as Verizon Wireless or At&T. The bill has an account number and a phone number to call to settle the debt. It also gives the victim a drastically reduced settlement amount. When the victim calls the number on the bill, the person answering the phone then begins to ask for the victim's social security number. If you get a debt collection bill, call the company you supposedly have the debt from and confirm that you have an actual debt to that company.

The Massac County Sheriff's Office and the Joppa High School will be conducting a training drill today at Joppa High School. Again, this is a training drill. Please share so that everyone knows that this is a training drill.
On 10/18/14 Deputies were called to the Joppa Water Treatment Plant to investigate a Burglary. The investigation showed that someone forcefully entered the treatment plant and took several feet of copper wire. Evidence was collected at the scene leading Investigators to a suspect. The investigation continues and an arrest is expected.

Another Residential Burglary had occurred on 10/01/14 that was linked to the string of Burglaries reported last week in Massac County. This Burglary took place on Midway Rd. near HWY 145. Guns and money were taken from that Burglary. Investigators do not believe the Brookport Vehicle Burglaries were related to the Burglaries reported in the County. Investigators have been collecting forensic evidence to help identify who is responsible for these Burglaries. A Burglary was reported in Johnson County yesterday. In that Burglary, a possible suspect vehicle was identified as a white Buick passenger car. Investigators are unsure if the Johnson County Burglary is related to the Massac County Burglaries. Massac County residents are asked to be looking out for any suspicious vehicles or persons in their area.
On 10/17/14 a Brookport resident called the Sheriff's Office to report that they were chasing a person they saw breaking into their vehicle. The Deputy located the suspect fleeing the area on foot. The Deputy chased the suspect on foot several blocks. The suspect hid in tall weeds and was eventually located. The suspect, who had to be tazed to be subdued. The Deputy arrested 18 year old Nicolas Ablett of Brookport. The investigation showed that Ablett had broken into several vehicles in the Brookport area. Ablett was charged with Burglary to a Motor Vehicle. Further investigation showed that Ablett had taken money from a woman's purse at the Dollar General Store in Metropolis in September 2014. The investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected.